Welcome Feeding Futures

Feeding Futures is the brainchild of Holistic Nutritionist & Social Worker Laurie Pinhorn and Pivotal Response Therapist Lisa Pinhorn. Each day we support and teach families how holistic health impacts childhood anxiety, autism, ADHD, OCD and trauma treatments in our children. Through years of research and practice, Lisa and Laurie have created a hands-on, family-focused, child-directed, and highly motivational approach to therapies.

We know this to be true, families and children are busy and stressed. Emotional regulation skills can be vital to the physical and emotional health of all families. Challenges at school and home can ease when we practice Self-Reg.

In our practice, we provide families with practical tools focused on holistic anxiety management. We help families understand no matter the age, children communicate with us through their behaviours.  When parents learn to see challenging behaviours with empathy and soft eyes  – things change.  We help families
learn about childhood anxiety and how it can impact sleep, eating, digestion, school, thinking, emotional regulation, social relationships, and overall long-term health.

Our programs are designed to help families connect with each other and use empathy to build a healthy, family-based approach to anxiety, autism, ADHD, OCD and Trauma management. Our programs will change the life of your child and family. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, send us your questions and come along for the ride! This is a game changer!

Lisa & Laurie