2 Hour ECE Master Class

Emotional Safety in
Early Learning Settings

 Were Everyone Feels Connected & Safe

Early Childhood Educators play a vital role in supporting the foundations of mental health in young children. Each day early learning professionals have opportunities to model and help shape children’s emotional regulation skills.  Early learning settings that offer emotionally safe spaces and foster emotional awareness are teaching our children necessary lifelong skills.

At this Master Class, we will show how and why we need to create connected, compassionate, and calm relationships with children.  Come learn why we must also focus on respectful and empathic relationships to help children manage the day to day stresses of their lives.  At this Master Class, we will discuss the best practices and trends that are changing the way we need to address emotional awareness in the lives of this generation of children.  When spaces are truly emotionally safe – everything can change for the better.

In settings of emotional safety we see:

  • less anxiety and stress based behaviours
  • a stronger sense of community
  • increased empathy for each other
  • powerful relationships
  • a sense of calm for the staff and children
  • children learn how to self-regulate their emotions

Emotional safety is possible when leadership and staff make conscious efforts to:

  • learn about the needs of modern families
  • create welcoming spaces for families
  • know the signs of stress behaviours in children
  • encourage rest and restoring times
  • understand that behaviours are communication of anxiety and stress
  • know that changes in the learning environment can decrease anxiety and stress
  • see the value in relationship building
  • create an atmosphere of calm in learning settings
  • allow children to have emotional responses and learn from them
  • take time to make adjustments in physical spaces
  • partner with parents and families
  • ensure all staff members feel respected and valued

Date: February 22, 2018
Location: Childcare and Family Connections, 50 Pippy Place.  St.John’s
Cost: $20.00 per seat. Centre Group Rate – book 5 seats and get 1 for free.
Presenter: Lisa Pinhorn. See Lisa’ s Bio Here

*Professional Development Certificates Available*

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