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At Feeding Futures we are firm believers that parents have the power to make amazing changes in the lives of their children and families. With a family-focused, parent driven therapy approach, remarkable growth can happen. We help parents harness the power within families by teaching necessary skills to use within their homes each day.

Each day we work with families – amazing families who have openly questioned traditional behavioural therapies that were not meeting the emotional and physical needs of their children. These children are filled with anxiety and often physically unwell. Our families know that something is missing from their child’s care – and they are right. What is often missing is the direct involvement of an empowered parent. Screenshot 2016-04-02 20.36.33

Parents do not need to feel powerless in the care of their children. They can become their family’s Agents of Change, and move forward in a new normal as a stronger family unit. This guide is designed to inform families of the power and importance of addressing their child’s emotional needs to better help children become happy, healthy, and independent.

Today all the readers on our e-mail list will receive early access to our new E-Book called, ‘Parents As Agents of Change – 15 Reasons For Family Based Therapies’. We see the amazing changes that happen when parents become active within the care and therapies of their children. This is true not just in ASD families; ADHD and Anxiety families need powerful active and empowered parents too.


The Most Valuable Gift You Can Give Your Child Is An Empowered Parent.