Video Blogs

We love shooting videos blogs.  Click the titles below and check out the ones we have done so far:

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Our Story – When Food Interventions Work

Puppet Dinner Theatre

Picky Eating & Mommy Madness 

Summer Lovin’

Wondering About Food Colouring? 

What is a Healing Diet?

Why We Love Martha Herbert

What is Pivotal Response Therapy Anyway?

Magical Magnesium

Don’t Be Fat Phobic. Our Brains LOVE Fat

The Power of Journaling 

A New Service – Holistic Case Management

Picky Eating and Harvest Time 

Picky Eating Tip  – Play With Your Food! 

The Importance of Sleep

Come and Join Our Private Facebook Page 

The Great Breakfast, Great School Day Connection

Autism Awareness Month Interview With Paulette Moore



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